Stonefort Campground Rules

Steve & Jackie Herrick

1960 Knox Rd. 1700 E.

Victoria, Il 61485


1.      Please read this contract carefully. It contains rule changes and clarifications that are mandatory. By paying your dues you automatically agree to abide by these rules. We reserve the right to refuse services to campers who break the rules.


2.      “Campers” are customers and their legal dependants. These rules are intended to restrict use of the premises to registered campers and keep their stay enjoyable.


  1. “Guests” are people who accompany campers during their stay on the premises. Camper’s children over age 21 are guests.


  1. “Management” is Steve and Jackie Herrick, their heirs and/or assigns.


  1. Campers must abide by the following rules at all times or may be required to leave the premises for a period to be determined by the management up to the balance of the time paid for. No refund will be made if campers are not allowed to use the premises due to rule infraction.


  1. Guests may use all facilities but must be accompanied by the inviting camper at all times. Campers are responsible for the conduct of their guests; a rule infraction by a guest is a rule infraction by the camper who invited him.


7.      If a guest stays overnight on your site you are responsible to pay one half the regular camping fee. You may collect the fee from your guest or pay it yourself, however, you are responsible to collect payment and turn it in at the office. If I must collect payment it will be at full price. If guests use a separate campsite they will pay full price.


  1. We advertise a quiet place to relax and intend to keep it that way. Some noise is unavoidable and must be tolerated by all campers, however a quiet campground is desired and your cooperation in keeping noise under control is required. If another camper asks that a radio or other noise be turned down it is too loud. Loud mufflers on any vehicle will not be tolerated. Quiet time is from 11:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M. daily and all music, loud talking, or other noise must stop during those hours. Sound travels and reverberates easily here so be considerate of others and keep your music and voice to a whisper.


9.      No motorized vehicles except golf carts are allowed on the premises at any time. No one without a valid driver’s license is allowed to operate golf carts. All golf carts must be insured for a minimum of $100,000 liability per occurrence. Campers must provide a copy of insurance documentation and a waiver of liability must be signed and submitted to management before the cart is operated on the property.


  1. Please observe proper sewer use practices. Do not put anything but sewage and toilet paper in the sewer system. Paper towels, sanitary products, and food scraps etc. belong in the trash dumpster. They will plug up the sewer system. Please keep solids from backing up in your system by keeping your dump door closed until your tank is full. Dump the full tank then close the door again.


  1. Pets must be on leash at all times. If you do not want to confine them leave them at home. Please clean up after your pets.


  1. If you go anywhere on the property please carry out your garbage with you.


  1. Do not exceed limits or fish with more than 2 lines at once. Jug or trotline fishing is not allowed. Limits per person for 2013 are:


Crappie…….6 per day over 11 inches. Return all under 11 inches to the water.

Bluegill…….6 per day

Red Ear…….6 per day

Catfish……..6 per day

Bass………..6 per day total. Return all under 12 inches; keep 12 to 14 inch; return all between 14 and 16 inches and keep one over 16 inches per day.


  1. Campers are responsible for the cost of a gravel driveway on their site to park their vehicles on. You have rented one campsite. Park your vehicles on that campsite only. Do not trespass on others lots, docks or decks without permission. There are plenty of places to access the lakes without trespassing.


  1. If you don’t want a gravel driveway don’t take your car to the site when it is muddy. Do not track mud onto the gravel roads. You may carefully drive on the dirt roads only when they are dry. If dirt sticks to your tires it is too wet to drive on the dirt roads. No driving or parking on other people’s campsite. No driving or parking on the grass anywhere but your own site when it is dry. No parking on the gravel roads. If you have more vehicles here than you have room for on your own site they can be parked in the barnyard near the dumpster. 


  1. Floating and non floating docks must have sturdy stabilizing pipes drove into the lake bottom and attached to the dock to keep the dock stationary. All docks must have sturdy railings around at least 50 percent of the perimeter. Steps leading down banks of the lake must have equal risers for each step and must be at a 45-degree angle or less. Risers must be 8 inches or less. Floats must be plastic. Maximum size is 10 feet by 12 feet. The dock must not be more than 6 feet from the bank. Any dock deemed unsafe by the management will have an imputed value of zero dollars and will be destroyed. We will not tolerate unsafe docks or stairs. Ask before you build!


  1. Any electricity including trolling motor battery recharging must take place in an area where no 110 volt wire can reach the lake water unless a GFI circuit breaker is used for power.


  1. Decks or other structures must be mounted on concrete blocks. No holes may be dug in the ground more than one foot deep. Ground anchors more than 1 foot long must be located by the management. We have high voltage electric underground. 


  1. All campsites require a 5-foot setback from the lot lines for any structure. Nothing may project onto any other lot. Nothing that obstructs the view of traffic may be placed within 10 feet of roads.


  1. Nothing more than 3 feet high may be set or planted within 10 feet of gravel roads. The only exception is a small sign over 5 feet above the ground identifying your site. This is to keep traffic in view.


  1. The speed limit is 15 MPH MAXIMUM.


  1. Adjacent campers will have first right to rent available campsites. Then existing campers will be allowed to rent on a seniority basis. The camper who has been here the longest continuous time has first choice. (See next rule) If you want to move to a new site you must register with the management in writing each spring by April  1 so we know to keep a site open for you. You will only be notified of new sites available if you have registered for that year. New campers will be allowed to rent sites after those on the registered list have had a chance to rent them. If you do not reserve a site within 14 days of notification of availability we reserve the right to rent to anyone else.


  1. If you are late paying any money owed to the management (rent, electric bill, mowing, or anything else) by 90 days your seniority stops and is reinstated at the bottom of the list only when you pay in full.


  1. If you are late paying any money owed to the management by 120 days you must move your property from the premises. If the site is still open after payment is made in full you may rent the site again.


  1. Management reserves the right to extend deadlines on a personal basis. Extending a deadline for one person does not affect these rules for any other person.


  1. Do not water landscape (grass, trees or flowers) from the hydrants. I have pumps available to pump water from the lake for landscape watering. Please put them back when you are finished.